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How to start

Wasatexto is a bulk SMS platform that enables you to communicate your family, friends, customers and others, worldwide, via SMS directly to their phones.

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Enter your username and password at the home screen.

Creating a group

You'll need to create a group to start adding contacts.

  • Click on the 'groups' tab.
  • Enter the group name.
  • Click 'submit'.
NB: You can't have two groups with the same names.

Adding contacts

Click on the 'contacts' tab and enter the required details. All contacts should be in a group.

Sending an SMS

Click on the 'send sms' tab.

  • Enter the number of the person/people to send a message to.
  • You can add recipients by clicking on the recipient's name on the right column.
  • You can choose a group to send to by checking the corresponding boxes below.

NB: If your contact is in Cameroon, you don't need a country code appended to their number and your message will be sent once to any repeated number.

Message history

Click on the 'History' tab to access a record of all your sent SMS.

Wasatexto as of 06 April, 2012.

For further help write to our customer service on, or call, 23733322727, 23774225161 or 23775598106