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About wasaTEXTO:

wasaTEXTO is a bulk SMS platform that enables you to communicate your family, friends, customers and others, worldwide, via SMS directly to their phones. If you have an account from any of Wasamundi's apps, you can login.


On wasaTEXTO, the currency for SMS is 'credits'.One credit is equivalent to one SMS which costs 10FCFA. Wasamundi permits individuals to buy credits in bulk at a reduced rate and make profit out of resale of these credits.


wasaTEXTO has a restful API which may be used from any programming language or platform that enables http connections. This API enables developers to build their own platforms with a core based on wasaTEXTO. So you can build your own bulk SMS website/application with your own designed interface, running with our api.
Developers in Cameroon and worldwide can write to us at or for their Api keys.

International SMS:

You can access, through wasaTEXTO, people in over 200 countries worldwide, directly on their mobile phones!

Available @ and For any further enquiries, write to us on or