Send SMS

Send Bulk and Group SMS worldwide from 10XAF (USD0.02) per message. Login and start sending SMS

Go Global

Send SMS to over 200 countries and 800 carriers. Two way SMS and virtual numbers available


Go live in minutes, use the programing languages you already know to send SMS worldwide via our HTTP API

Pay as you go

Pay per message. There are no hidden fees.

Branded Sender name

Personalise your sender name with your brand or name


Fast delivery, go straight to the source.

Customer Service

Talk to an operator live with the form on the bottom left of the screen or leave a message.

You can also talk to an operator using;

  • Mobile: 23771663636
  • Email:

Methods of Payment

We support the following means of payment:

  • Paypal
  • Bank Deposit
  • MTN Mobile Money
  • Credit Transfer
  • Wire transfer and Western Union

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