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How to use our Restful API

You can send large quantities of SMS at lower cost via our Restful API and it returns a json encoded result. Use our Restful API to send SMS and Check your account balance.

SMS Parameters

Parameter Description
api_key This is your Api Key and it's required for all requests to wasaTEXTO
EX: api_key=ze34nkw8ekh8pklkjpa0adp
user This is your Api Username and it's required for all requests to wasaTEXTO
EX: user=wasaTEXTO
from This is the sender's address, It can be alphanumberic. For alphanumeric sender address, please make sure the address is less than or equal to 11 characters. This field is required
EX: from=23771663636, from=wasaTEXTO
to This is the recipient's mobile number in international format and one recipient per request. This field is required
EX: to=23771663636
msg Body of the text message (with a maximum length of 3200 characters), UTF-8 and URL encoded value.
Ex: "I'm going to eat & you're:" content will be "I%27m+going+to+eat+%26+you%27re"

Sending an SMS[Your_USER_NAME]&api_key=[YOUR_API_KEY]&from=[FROM]&to=[RECIEVER]&msg=[YOUR_TEXT_MESSAGE]

Checking your Balance[Your_USER_NAME]&api_key=[YOUR_API_KEY]

Our API Class

We have written an API Class on Github to assit PHP Developers use our API
Check out our PHP Class on Github