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At Wasamundi we always love to hear more about our users first hand experiences especially new ones, and what better way than through honest and real reviews.

Reviews are a free way to air your opinions about places you’ve visited on wasamundi.com and by doing so, you can earn badges.

As a user you’re awarded badges after posting a set number of reviews (only users with valid accounts are eligible for badges). Once awarded a badge, it’ll be displayed on your profile page and your reviews of local businesses. That way, everyone knows you’re a Pro!

Wasabadges Collection

Super Profiler

You have a complete user profile on Wasamundi. Superb!
How to earn: When editing your personal profile, provide all the required details and additional information.

Wasa Star

You’re one of Wasamundi’s top reviewers and you know enough about living local.
How to earn: We’re watching… We’ll decide if you have what it takes to be a Wasa Star par excellence.

Town Expert

You have visited many businesses around town. Seems the town is small for you :)
How to earn: While in town, write over 20 reviews across different businesses and you’re tagged a town expert.

Bon Vivant

You enjoy eating good food and you know just where you can find some.
How to earn: You need 25 reviews about restaurants to take in a bon vivant.


You can be used as an offline guide to bars about town.
How to earn: Give 15 reviews about bars, snacks, cabarets and you’re a true barfly.

Start collecting yours now !

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