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What we're doing

At Wasamundi we have been solving problems faced by local businesses and people in our local communities for the past two years. Our mission is centered around three key things:

Developing Useful, Evolving Software
By basing ourselves on the features demanded by larger companies, we’ve created innovative, user-friendly and effective applications that are now available to small and medium-sized local businesses for their marketing and communication.

Helping Businesses Get Found Easily
Making sure businesses are everywhere customers are looking.

Improving Information about Local Services
Location information and content helps people get what they want and where they want it easily.

Becoming a Wasamundee

Becoming a Wasamundee (i.e. Wasamundi employee) is quite easy. Just keep in mind the following:

1. Learn / adapt fast          2. Get Stuff done          3. Be Creative / Think Big          4. Live locally

Job openings

Operations Manager for wasaHOSTEL- Buea, Cameroon

As Operations Manager you will be leading the team behind wasaHOSTEL. You’ll be in charge of budget management, logistics management, developing the operations strategy, planning and controlling, improving performance of the system and managing third party relations.

Community Manager - Limbe / Douala, Cameroon

Community Managers are bold, sociable, self-motivated, driven, charismatic and organized people. They are tasked with finding and visiting new and old businesses and places around town (including the liveliest entertaining spots and hidden hotspots) and adding or updating their information online. It’s all about picture taking to writing and pitching to party planning, party attending and spreading the word!


St Theresa Primary Street
UB Avenue, Molyko
Buea, Cameroon



Mailing Address

P.O. BOX 53
Buea, SW Region

Email: info[at]wasamundi.com

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