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To create an account on Wasamundi is very simple. Simply enter your name, email, username and a password and that's it. Another fast and easy way to create an account or login is by using your social account; Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn. Use your account to add, rate, review, and share your favorite businesses.


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We have made adding a business on Wasamundi free, easy and can be done in just a few minutes using a desktop, tablet and a mobile phone. Click the ‘Add a business' button and enter the business name, description, address, email, contacts and photo if available. By adding a business online, you make it very easy for thousands of users to find and contact the business.

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Our neighborhoods & cities are growing very fast. Many small and medium sized businesses are created everyday, thus, it is very challenging to get exposure. At Wasamundi, we've developed good solutions that small and medium sized businesses use to market themselves locally. These marketing solutions help local businesses reach a large number of people with a small budget. Try us!

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