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We continue to provide great features and resources to help our users have a wonderful local search experience.

wasaEvents: wasaEvents is exactly what it sounds like — ‘Find Events’. A place where you can find interesting upcoming events happening in cities all over Cameroon. The great benefit is that you have events from various areas of interest and you can even book a place on some. Business owners can also use this feature to target and attract real potential customers. Keep an eye on events in your town with Wasamundi’s new events feature

Messaging: A new way consumers can communicate with businesses, is through our messaging feature. Consumers are able to send a direct message to a business on wasamundi.com right from the business’ profile page. This message gets to the business by email and by SMS.

Share: At Wasamundi (... and many other places) we think sharing is caring. Help your friends and loved ones discover great businesses and have their own share of experiences. Share a review or business page on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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