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Wasamundi has been creating products that increase and improve visibility of local businesses online across search engines, social networks and mobile phones. Our key product www.wasamundi.com, allows users to find relevant and trusted information about businesses and places of various categories (including but not limited to: restaurants, hotels, bars, plumbers, hospitals, pharmacies, beauty salons etc) in cities throughout Cameroon. Visitors to each of our city guides will find contact information, business details, perfect location description, maps, photos and user reviews of the businesses listed. We also make it possible for users to contact these businesses directly from the platform via SMS.

Through wasamundi.com, users are empowered to rate and review businesses which they love or did not like at the same time reward themselves with badges which can be redeemed.

Businesses find our products highly cost efficient, most especially our Bulk SMS marketing tool; wasaTEXTO. See our proven solutions here >>>

Our Mission

Wasamundi's mission is to make it easy for people to find correct information about local businesses and to help promote and grow small-to-medium size businesses.

Once upon a time...

Some time ago in 2006, two friends; Quincy Kwende and Lawrence had admission in to the University of Buea to Study Physics. On arrival in Buea they had serious difficulties in finding accommodation. There was no place where someone could go to and say "Hey! am looking for a vacant room that cost this, has this and found here…" and you're given the right information. They therefore set out to change this.

So they had this great idea that they could start a social & interactive platform where people could go to and find contact and location information about places and businesses in their communities. Meanwhile businesses could provide relevant up-to-date information about their business. The business model had to be scalable, disruptive and combine both online and offline so as to have all the ingredients of an information company. While working from their rooms, they came up with the name Wasamundi which is a joint word in Bantu language (Douala) meaning 'search earth'.

In 2011 Wasamundi.com was founded. The website began as a search service for finding information about vacant rooms and local businesses and places around town and then later introduced direct messaging features, user reviews, and mobile applications. With headquarters in Buea, Cameroon, Wasamundi exists in over 5 regions in Cameroon including the major cities like Yaoundé, Douala, Bamenda, Limbe, Garoua and now Tiko, Kumba and Kribi.

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Other Services

1. wasaHOSTEL: A simplified housing search service that permits house seekers find relevant and real-time information about vacancies in any locality of their choice. The service is Internet based (website and mobile site) and SMS based thus instantly available on any mobile phone. House owners make available information concerning vacancies and then wasaHOSTEL makes it searchable via SMS and internet. This service is currently limited to Cameroon.

"I used the service last year to find a room for my daughter who just had admission into the University of Buea. It was really easy, fast and very cheap too, just one SMS." Mr. Eugene Kebei, Businessman

2. wasaTEXTO: A bulk SMS platform that enables you send SMS all over the world for as little as 10Frs per SMS. Also used as an SMS marketing tool for businesses.

"wasaTEXTO is a miracle. With just 1 click and with less than 500FRS, I had all the girls and dancers assembled for the meeting." Horace Fonkwe, Founder-NJOKAH

3. wasa.ME: A link shortener used for shortening long links. Also provides entities on Wasamundi with a unique web ID, and a short and easy to remember URL.

"wasa.ME is Cameroon's first URL shortening service, built by the same guys behind Wasamundi." Techloy.com



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P.O. BOX 53
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