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Wasamundi is a Software and Internet company co ...
UB Street, Buea

2. Wisdom site
[4907 Visits]

12 Large rooms with internal toilets only
Harlglena street, Buea

3. Winner's Pharmacy
[2472 Visits]

Pharmacy and drug store. Also sale of cosmetics an ...
Buea main road - soppo, Buea

4. Wasa Wash
[2415 Visits]

-Laundry mart. .Washing + drying of dresses, blank ...
Molyko main street - police station, Buea

5. Willy Enterprise
[1783 Visits]

Automobile repairs and maintenance.
Sosoliso, Buea

6. Wasa Wash
[1249 Visits]

1. Opening hours:       Monday to Saturday - 8:00 ...
Molyko main road, Buea

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Wimax new Satelite Internet and Hotspot
Molyko main Road - UB Junction, Buea

8. White House
[2642 Visits]

Distinct rooms of different sizes, with high level ...
Malingo street, Buea

9. www.bueabids.com
[2290 Visits]

Online Advertising around Buea

10. West End City
[2042 Visits]

very big single rooms.
Malingo, Buea

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