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1. Faith and Hope Restaurant
[5782 Visits]

Delicacies: Ekwang, Yam and Ndole, Rice and Ste ...
St Theresa Primary School Street, Buea

2. Facebook Snack bar Plus
[4947 Visits]

Sales of beer, whisky, carbonated drinks, wine, dr ...
Mile 16, Bolifamba, Buea

3. Fako Ship Plaza
[15295 Visits]

Services: Maritime Transportation.   MV ENDURANC ...
Buea main road, Buea

4. Forester Hostel
[8949 Visits]

12 rooms, wooden apartment with external toilet an ...
Lord Jefferson Street, Buea

5. Fonkusoh Travel Agency
[6387 Visits]

Travel Agency with following services: Flight res ...
Sosoliso, Buea

6. Fotabe House
[6254 Visits]

About:Fotabe House offers Luxury Holiday Apartment ...
Molyko main road, Buea

7. Fastweb
[5187 Visits]

A modern Cyber Cafe with the following services: H ...
Rostef Street, Buea

8. Family Home Annex
[4762 Visits]

4 rooms With a Toilet and Kitchen
St Therese, Buea

9. FAHP (Farming and Animal Husbandary P ...
[4468 Visits]

The Farming and Animal Husbandry Project (FAHP) se ...
Clerks Quarters - Buea main road, Buea

10. Fomic Comprhensive High School (FCHS ...
[3442 Visits]

General and Commercial Education
NULL, Buea

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