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Secondary Schools in Buea

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1. St Joseph's College Sasse
[16210 Visits]

Secondary and High school education. Boarding Scho ...
Sasse College road, Buea

2. Baptist High School (BHS)
[9283 Visits]

Secondary and High School.
Great Soppo main road, Buea

3. Bishop Rogan College - Minor Seminary
[6011 Visits]

Bishop Rogan College is a Minor Seminary, where th ...
Small Soppo, Buea

4. STIBCCOL (St. Theresa International B ...
[5066 Visits]

School of General Education, Bilingual and Interna ...
District Complex Street, Buea

5. Summerset Bilingual College (SUBICOL)
[5014 Visits]

Grammar and Commercial Education. Day and Evening ...
Molyko main street, Buea

6. SBHS (Salvation Bilingual High School ...
[4981 Visits]

Grammar and Commercial Sections . Day and Evening ...
Molyko - Mega Electronics Street, Buea

7. Inter Comprehensive High School
[4316 Visits]

Campaign Street, Buea

8. Fomic Comprhensive High School (FCHS ...
[2970 Visits]

General and Commercial Education
NULL, Buea

9. Presbyterian Comprehensive Secondary ...
[5599 Visits]

Buea Roral Council Road, Buea

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