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Restaurants  & Bars in Buea

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1. Bella Vita
[6377 Visits]

We serve the best and affordable African dishes. A ...
Molyko, main street, Buea

2. Mouth Power
[5972 Visits]

Restaurant services. African dishes: Eru & Ga ...
Yunos street, Malingo, Buea

3. Faith and Hope Restaurant
[5713 Visits]

Delicacies: Ekwang, Yam and Ndole, Rice and Ste ...
St Theresa Primary School Street, Buea

4. Africana
[5659 Visits]

African Restaurant with varieties of African dishe ...
Molyko main road, Buea

5. Linas
[4685 Visits]

Ice cream, milk shakes, Ice tea, Pure natural juic ...
Malingo, Buea

6. Obama Restaurant
[4100 Visits]

Great African Dishes. Meals: Chicken Fish, Koki P ...
Soppo Main Road, Buea

7. Culina Mea
[3422 Visits]

We serve African, European, Asian and even Senegal ...
Mile 17 main road, Buea

8. Irish Park Supermarket
[3299 Visits]

Drinks Strong drinks Super market wines Biscuits, ...
Kumba road, Muea, Buea

9. Mummy Rach
[3194 Visits]

African dishes: Rice and stew. Water fufu/garri a ...
Lady L street, Buea

10. Goblizz
[2803 Visits]

Drinks Drinks of all types: Wines Brasseries and ...
Buea town Main Street, Buea

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