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Pressing in Buea

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1. Goshen Pressing
[4529 Visits]

Premium quality pressing with best prices. We offe ...
Molyko main street, Buea

2. Copperfield
[2265 Visits]

Dry-cleaning Services(Pressing). Clothes care and ...
Sandpit Junction - GCE board street, Buea

3. Pressing de L'Estuaire
[2013 Visits]

Rapid service laundry, Dry cleaning, collection fr ...
Sosoliso, Buea

4. Wasa Wash
[1393 Visits]

1. Opening hours:       Monday to Saturday - 8:00 ...
Molyko main road, Buea

5. Galaxy Pressing
[1063 Visits]

Pressing and dry cleaning services. We boast: "One ...
Molyko main street, Buea

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