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Bus Services in Buea

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1. Musango Bus Service
[7399 Visits]

We provide bus service and Interurban transportati ...
Mile 17, Buea

2. Amour Mezam Express
[3433 Visits]

Bus services and inter urban transport.
Buea road, Buea

3. Jeannot Express
[3007 Visits]

We provide Interurban transportaion and Bus Servic ...
Buea-Kumba road, Buea

4. Garantee Express
[2832 Visits]

We provide bus services and interurban transport.
Buea-Kumba road, Buea

5. Diamond Travel Agency
[2754 Visits]

Bus service and Inter-urban transportation. Moving ...
Buea-Kumba road, Buea

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