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Beauty & Spas in Buea

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1. La Blonde
[3192 Visits]

Massage, pedicure, manicure facial treatment, pose ...
Malingo street, Buea

2. Median Beauty Parlor
[3273 Visits]

Beauty services for Gents and Ladies: Hair dressin ...
Paramount Hotel junction, Buea

3. ROHI Cosmetics
[2512 Visits]

High quality cosmetics and baby care accessories.
Mini Coquette, Buea

4. 24/12 Beauty Salon
[2164 Visits]

Hair producing, Hair treatment, Washing and Stylin ...
Malingo Junction, Buea

5. Cosmetic Centre Plus
[2106 Visits]

Original beauty products.
UB Junction, Buea

6. School of Beauty and Barbing Complex
[2101 Visits]

Looking good is our business. Twists, Lux, Duke, ...
Former Amazing Pharmacy, Buea

7. Solantino Beauty Salon Mix
[2021 Visits]

Manicure and pedicure, hair styling for both men a ...
Malingo, Buea

8. EL Shaddai prestige boutique
[1999 Visits]

Sale of cosmetics and jewelries of the most presti ...
UB Junction, Buea

9. Mummy's Place Beauty Salon
[1984 Visits]

Hair treatment, styling and sales of cosmetics and ...
Clerks' Quarters, Buea

10. Aunty Char's beauty home and barbers ...
[1940 Visits]

Barbing salon, curling, plating, manicure, pedicur ...
Checkpoint, Buea

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