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Associations in Buea

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1. G.C.E. Board
[5503 Visits]

G.C.E. Marking
1, Buea

2. FAHP (Farming and Animal Husbandary P ...
[4138 Visits]

The Farming and Animal Husbandry Project (FAHP) se ...
Clerks Quarters - Buea main road, Buea

3. UAC (United Action for Children)
[3131 Visits]

Elementary Education Program, Vocational Training ...
Molyko Main Street - 4etage, Buea

4. Akwaya Wood Work CIG
[2009 Visits]

A CIG that offers Wood work, roofing and training ...
Bakweri town - Main road, Buea

5. Social Development Internatinal
[1347 Visits]

Our Mission is: to facilitate the social and eco ...
Bonduma gate, Buea

6. National Union of Taxi Drivers
[2676 Visits]

An association to cater for needs of Taxi Drivers
Molyko Main Road - Checkpoint , Buea

7. LINKUP Charity Foundation
[2475 Visits]

LINK-UP is a non profit, a child centred, Organisa ...
, Buea

8. United Farmers
[1885 Visits]

Buying, multiplication fatterning and selling of g ...
NULL, Buea

[1711 Visits]

Association for rural Engineering
NULL, Buea

10. FITCAM - Focal Integrit Team Cameroon
[1546 Visits]

FITCAM gives Cameroon citizens access to informati ...
Buea Town, Buea

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