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About Twist

Introducing Twist!

Twist Cocktail - 1,000frs
Twist Pear - 1,000frs
Twist Peach - 1,000frs
Twist Guava-1,000frs
Twist Apple - 1,000frs
Twist Orange - 1,000frs
Twist Pineapple - 1,000frs
Twist Grape - 1,000frs
Twist Banana - 1,000frs

Skew Driver - 1,500frs
Blow job (for girl's only) - 1,500frs
Sex on the beach - 2,000frs
After sex - 2,000frs
Kiss of death - 2,500frs
Slippery Nipples - 2,000frs
Long Island Ice Tea - 3,000frs
Goblet of fire (shot) - 2,500frs

Sandwiches & Wraps:
Tuna Mayo - 1,000frs
Chicken & Bacon - 1,000frs
BLT - 1,000frs
Beef/Meatball - 1,000frs
Veggie Delite - 1,000frs

Tea (green, vanilla, lemon) - 500frs
Coffee (black coffee) - 500frs
Yoghurt (served with pineapple, apple & grape) - 1,000frs
KFC Velvet cake - 1,000frs
Chocolate cake - 1,000frs
Fruit Saga cake - 1,000frs

Reviews on Twist (8)
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Clifford Ako Mbianyor
11th August,2015

Please add another star to that rating... Yep they're the best! That's my opinion thus far. Last night at Twist was a story-to-tell. I heard about the recent decision by government asking all businesses to shutdown at 9pm due to the recent BH attacks, yet I still honored 1 out of many invitations by my friend @Horace to share some shots at 8pm. We had as order a transparent Absolut Vodka (yea they sell that too), a jar of juices, rice, chips and chickens ;-) It was getting to 9pm and we were just beggining our chats n shots. Then time was up (according to Yaoundé), for us to go home. Twist owners motioned to the close to 25 clients present that very soon they'll be closing... Unfortunately or fortunately, that's when new orders came in. As a matter of fact that's when I got hungry... I ordered rice and chicken (was served in under 5mins), and we had another transparent bottle of vodka 'Smirnoff'... Then suddenly the police arrived... Knowing that some of their great customers might risk end up digesting their "Slippery Nipples" (a kind of cocktail served here at 2,000frs) in the police cell, Twist managers had to cover for us. They covered for us. They kept us safe and far from trouble...

Now how many businesses can risk their business just to keep a few customers comfortable? Well TWIST is one!

Tip 1: I did not mention the atmosphere when the police got there. Well they never knew we were there... But I was eating & did not miss my mouth :-)
Tip 2: My friends and I ended the night in the most unimaginable way: I had my first and safe 'live' car drifting experience... just like on Fast & Furious 7. I wasnt driving but I was spinning...LOL. It was a mistake though :-) Thanks be to God.

Clifford Ako Mbianyor
3rd August,2015

Another experience not to not write. After staying here too late with my friend @Horace, having shots and discussing wealth creation, we were joined by Twist owner & Chef @Rindah, who shared with us a great story about his career path and we did learn a lot. Not only are the people at Twist friendly, they are caring - Seeing that is was late at night, the owner offered to drive my friend and I to our different destinations. Thanks to Twist not only for bringing us a cool lounge and great service in Buea, but also for showing us that customers too are special people.
Tip: Thursday's have some free something offered... So don't be surprised if you're offered a free drink or shot.

Melanie Foju
24th July,2015

So, like everyone should definitely stop them. Yes my aunt could not call the names of cocktails out loud but trust me they do taste nice. They are lush!!!
Off course Rosemary had me smiling and I had a couple to spice up the night. Oh! Rosemary is a darling vodka I will recommend.
Nice place, clean, food is in reasonable portions (i actually chop full up then leave some). Love it!!

Clifford Ako Mbianyor
24th July,2015

Have you tried the "Quiche"? You should because... I'll let you discover it on your own. It seems they have some new waiters. Beautiful as usual too. I noticed something last night. I was served guava juice and just before I could take the first sip, a former employee of Twist, asked me not to. The juice was 'poorly preserved' so it got bad. I tasted and true it was bad. So I ordered a new one and I got a new glassful of juice and an apology from the waiter for the bad juice. This is what happens when you train and treat your staff well. They can be your Saviour someday. #GoodCustomerService
Tip: If you see a foamy layer in your juice, know its bad...

Nara Lawrence
22nd July,2015

With names like "Blow Job","Slippery nipples", one can't afford not to try this place.
I visited Twist to hangout with friends. The spot is picking up a great reputation in town for being the best and only roof-top bar.
The area is well set, with comfortable chairs and a great view from top. The service is made up of beautiful girls.
On this my particular visit I ordered a "Blow Job" as found on the menu. It did take a few moments to come; it was a shot- mixture of baileys and vodka.
The owners are also cool guys. I had the opportunity to meet them both; they serve too.
A simple tip from one of the owners, if you want to get drunk quick simply ask and you shall be given the right combination.

Clifford Ako Mbianyor
16th July,2015

Whether it's still a belief that Twist is the coolest spot in this town, all i know is it's a place to search for a new experience. Yesterday, I was hanging out with a few friends and Chef Rindah sent 2 glasses of some purple bluish cocktail for us to try out. Since I already ordered the Twist guava juice, and my friends still thinking of what to get, they got the privilege to be the first to goute. So the y'all tasted and finished and next thing they ordered more. So I got mine too. This cocktail is not even on the menu yet but it's sick! Chef Rindah said they had been trying out some new mixes and "Purple rain" as it is called is their latest invention. This cocktail looking purple and bluish in colour is taste like Vimto and Vodka put together. Some fruity mix with vodka mixture.. Checkout picture above. You have to try this... Ask for it...
Tip: Drink it responsibly. If you don't, next thing you'll think you're Superman or Superwoman and will want to fly with immediate effect... :-)

Clifford Ako Mbianyor
14th July,2015

Twist is one of the coolest Afropolitan lounge in the SouthWest and Cameroon. By Afropolitan I mean it's a mix of African and cosmopolitan culture making it a modern hip-urban African juice bar and snack. The seats and tables made with cane, is just an epitome of African culture. I dangerously love this place. The service is what I'll term "mass customization". All the waiters are friendly, welcome you with a smile, speak nicely, and always remember you. They'll be like " Yes Sir I know you always take a coffee"... With the new burgers added to the menu, I'll say it's the best in town. Even bakeries around can't offer the experience that burger gives. I love the new seating too. It's easy to feel comfortable in this place. In fact you know where you belong. Trust me the prices are fair. Twist cash be compared with many lounges or snacks in Douala and in Douala the prices are double if not triple. Finally, the choice of songs in this place will make you come back to ask for a particular song. It happened to me.
Tip: Try the new burger.
Tip2: If it's your birthday or a friend's, just inform them and wait for the magic.
Tip3: Every staff knows how to Cook.
Tip4: Leave a tip :-)

Clifford Ako Mbianyor
6th May,2015

This is my first five star rating on any business on Wasamundi. Therefore, there should be a reason for that. Located at the Top floor of the new Ecobank Molyko branch, this new lifestyle spot represents a new experience. I attended the official launch this may 2nd. Now before I continue here's what you need to know: The place is very clean (sparkling tiles), the tableware is flirty (many colorful mats), the space is airy (friendly weather up there), the waiters are good looking, and the menu is 'Go-as-you-please'. You'll find cocktails like blow job (1,500frs and for girls only).

The blow job as I observed is a one time shot served in a very small glass. The waiter on serving instructed that she takes it without using her hands. So you lower your head, pick up the glass with your mouth and whoops you swing it right into your throat like a shot. The girl sitting next to me took a shot and since then she never stopped smiling at me :) well it could still be she was smiling 'with' me ;) My order was more of a Twist juice. I went for the Guava (1,000frs) and trust me you can't twist your head on this one. I learned other flavors are served like apple etc but I just went for guava.

Also interesting are the games placed on the table. Your order comes with a game you could play with anyone. I played the Table for 4 with the 'new girl' and it was really fun. I definitely gonna come back. I hear there's a full breakfast menu that the owner himself does for customers ;) I don't only recommend this place - I re-recommend it!

Tips: Play the Table for 4 with a lady (for guys) or a guy (for ladies), try the deserts (cake). Due to short supply, the games can stay with you only for 20minutes after which it is passed on to another table that needs it. but if no one asks for it, then you can play on.

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