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Icon Beauty Centre
Beauty & Spas, Limbe

Hair makeup, beauty and spa. Sales of hair and body ...

Jen Fashion Restaurant
Restaurants  & Bars, Limbe

African Restaurant / Cuisine Africaines et Européenne.

Restaurants  & Bars, Limbe

Restaurant and Bar

Night Life, Limbe

Restaurant and Snack bar. Night club. Drinks of ...

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Parklane Guest House
Hotels, Buea

Parklane Guest Houses is your home away fromhome. ...

Le Gourmand Restaurant
Restaurants  & Bars, Buea

Le Gourmand serves different African dishes and ...

Photo Lab Michel ...
Photography, Buea

We make provision for the following: - Printing ...

Hotels, Buea

At Peckers we have the following: Hotel Restaurant ...

Kuchina Restaurant
Restaurants  & Bars, Buea

It is an open kitchen restaurant with an open menu. ...

COGENI Buea Branch
Construction materials, Buea

We make provision for all types of building materials ...

Glass Factory
Construction materials, Buea

We make provision for the following: Glass tables, ...

Fishmonger & Cold Store, Buea

Fish store selling all types of fish like Morocco, ...

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Our Lady of Grace ...
A Place of Prayer.

Buea town Market
Local Food Market.

A Filling Station

Bocom Filling Station
Filling Station

Touristic sites, attractions, markets and popular places in Buea, Limbe, Tiko