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CMFI (Christian ...
Churches, Buea

Center for prayers, Evangelism and Deliverance ...

Passion Complex
Restaurants  & Bars, Buea

Drink Juice, Be Ice, Look Nice. On spot natural ...

Storm Fresh Boutique
Fashion, Buea

Authentic Fashion accessories for ladies and gents; ...

FAHP (Farming and ...
Associations, Buea

The Farming and Animal Husbandry Project (FAHP) ...

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Vita Bright Electronics
Electronics &  Maintenance  , Buea

Repairs of : electronics, hospital equipments such ...

Bilingual Documentation
Printing Houses & Documentations, Buea

Black and white photocopy, photo minute, typing ...

Jen Fashion Restaurant
Restaurants  & Bars, Limbe

African Restaurant / Cuisine Africaines et Europenne.

RoyMarthz Multi-Tech ...
Cyber Cafes, Buea

We provide the following services: Internet, Typing ...

Passion City Services ...
Travel  &  Tourism , Buea

Passion City, the flight to the next levels. We ...

Fastine (Oasis) ...
Cyber Cafes, Buea

Cyber cafe with documentation services available.

Ezone Communications
Cyber Cafes, Buea

Cyber cafe also offering documentation services.

Restaurants  & Bars, Buea

Modern African restaurant.

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Muea Market
Fruit, Agricultural and General market. One of ...

Bocom Gas station
Petrol station

Bocom Filling Station
Filling Station

Community field
Limbe community field. Where cultural events take ...

Touristic sites, attractions, markets and popular places in Buea, Limbe, Tiko